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1939  Born in Kobe
1965  Joined Gutai Art Association (until 1972)
1977  Produced the series ”Atarimae-no-koto (A Matter of Cour se)”
2015-  Lives and works in Kobe, together with his wife and art ist Akiko Horio

Solo Exhibitions

1966  Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka
1968  Gutai Pinacotheca, Osaka
1978  Event & Neglect, Gallery Kitano Circus, Kobe
1979  Utsubo Gallery, Osaka
           Fabric,Higashimon Gallery, Kobe
1980   “Simultaneous Space: Black” Paint, Box Gallery, Nagoya
           “From Shape to Quality”, Higashimon Gallery, Kobe
           “Now (Succession/Connection)”,Utsubo Gallery, Osaka
1982   Art Space Niji, Kyoto
1985  ”A Matter of Course: ‘Painting,’ ‘In Order,’ ‘Up and U p,’ and ‘Point/Point’ ”, Gallery Cuore, Osaka
1987  “Shikimen/IRO/Iro”, Rokken Gallery, Kobe
1988  “Stone”, Fuji Gallery, Osaka
1989  “Sumi: Tools and Expressions”, Fuji Gallery, Osaka
1991  “Idiotic Works -- A Matter of Course: With Things That are There”, Studio You, Miki
          “Contemporary Artists: Sadaharu Horio Exhibition”, Paper Museum, Kawanoe
1992  “A Matter of Course: Here, Gallery Second House Two, A shiya
1993  “Slacking Off, Cheating, and Cutting Corners”, Gallery 2001, Kobe
1995   “A Matter of Course (A Little Bit)”, Art Space Niji, K yoto
          “Black Adventure: Despite Obstacles”, Nano-Rium, Ya manashi
          ”Earthquake Landscape”s, Riran’s Gate, Kobe
1998  ”With Things That are There”, Gallery Keller, Paris
1999  “A Matter of Course: According to the Place”, Ochanomi zu Gallery/Awajicho Gallery, Tokyo
2000  ”Unpredictable: Horio’s Art”, Hirakata Municipal Goten yama Art Center, Osaka
          ”Earthquake Art: Five Years of Restoration”, Ataka Museum of Art, Tokushima
2002  ”Sadaharu Horio Solo Exhibition: Ordinary Things”, Ash iya City Museum of Art & History
2011  ”Sadaharu Hori”o, Axel Vervoordt Gallery, Vlaeykensgan g, Antwerp
2014   BB Plaza Museum, Kobe
2015   Axel Vervoordt Gallery, Hong Kong
           ”Atarimae-no-koto(3kg Painting)”, imura art gallery, Kyoto

Sadaharu HORIO
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