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Imura art gallery, kyoto is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Yu Kiwanami entitled "Appetite for painting".

Kiwanami's work, characterized by a clear construction with sharp outline and flat coloration, have been showing a remarkable transformation during the last few years. In the background, are now appearing the shape of the ocean or mountains, creating a spatial depth and a narration. Through this exhibition, the artist brings the viewer to his own artistic development, to a new expression that can be associated with impressionism.

A forest where the sunlight sways through the trees, a woman standing near by rocks...  The images of Kiwanami depict the exquisite colors of the landscape through multiple layers and create a mysterious world. The strong contrast in between the background and the figures, hiding their faces and composed of lines and color fields only, amplifys the significance of the persons on the canvas. Kiwanami says that the people appearing in his works are becoming more and more virtual existences to him.  In regard to the landscape, he reaches this flat impression thanks to the use of acrylic. By applying many layers the artist minimized the thickness of the paints, that seems against his first objective, but for him, it's like if the acrylic penetrate entirely the canvas and this sensation makes him deeply discern the two-dimentional spatiality. Kiwanami' s new approach to the creation lies in this imbalance in between figures and landscape.

period: sat. May 18 - sat. Jun. 22, 2013
time: 11:00〜19:00 (closed on Sunday Monday, National holiday)
venue: imura art gallery Kyoto

Opening Reception
sat. May 18, 2013  17:00-

More artist info: Yu KIWANAMI


Yu KIWANAMI Solo Exhibition "Appetite for painting"
sat. May 18 - sat. Jun. 22, 2013
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