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We are pleased to present a solo exhibition of Shiro Tsujimura "Tuchi" (Soil).

The potter living with fire and soil, has chosen Mama-cho, Nara prefecture, for his hermitage, far from the city. Shiro Tsujimura is one of the leader and most representative ceramic artists of our days whose works are highly appreciated for their natural ash glaze and expressive style.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Shiro Tsujimura's life style is his art work itself. Once entered into his house, you may be enchanted with the dignified and heavy sliding door, the jet-black beams on the floor and the carelessly plastered mud walls of the tea room and anteroom, which were built by the artist himself. Shiro Tsujimura's guests learn the true value of his ceramic,  with his Saki cups, produced with his broadminded nature through the heartfelt reception of the artist and his family.

As a self-taught artist, Tsujimura established his innovative and bold way of execution without a teacher. Generally admitted to be prolific, the artist creates numerous works over years, augmenting their maturity by revealing them to the rain and the wind and printing, in the deep surface , the impression to embrace the grand nature of Nara.
His creativity also flourishes in his powerful calligraphy and paintings on which he has been putting much effort and significance for long term.

With the first show in 7 years happening in Kyoto, we are going to showcase Shiro Tsujimura's works from different genres at 3 venues: tea ceremony utensils at "Tessaido" which is one of the most established antiques shops in Kyoto, dishes and cups at "Kou" whose re-opening at a new shop coincides with this exhibition, and calligraphy and paintings at "imura art gallery" which has been vigorously representing Japanese contemporary art.


[ Artist Biography ]
1947  Born in Nara
1965  Left for Tokyo to learn oil painting.
          Inspired by Ido teabowl and decided to take up pottery.
1969  Starts creating pottery
1970  Built a house in Mima, Nara
1993  Built a kiln in Devon, West in England

[ Selected Solo Exhibition ]
1977  Fist exhibition at own house
1983  Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
1984  Maruei, Nagoya
1987  Hankyu Umeda Store
1990  Tachikichi Main Store, Kyoto
1993  Frankfurt Japan Art, Germany
1994  Gallery Besson, London ; Frankfurt Japan Art, Germany
1999  Chado Research Center Gallery, Kyoto
2003  Gallery Kokon, New York
2006  Yu Gallery, Palace Hotel, Tokyo
2008  Hoshun-in Daitoku-ji Temple, Kyoto
2011  Ippodo Gallery, Tokyo
2012  Tessaido, Kou, imura art gallery, Kyoto

[ Public Collection ]
U.S.A :
 Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
 Cleveland Museum of Art
 The Brooklyn Museum of Art
 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
 Chado Research Center Gallery Kyoto
 Miho Museum
 Frankfurt Craft Museum
 Museum of East Asian Art, Berlin
 Stockholm Museum of Art

period: Sat. 17th Nov. - Sun 25th Nov., 2012 ※Opened throughout the duration
time: 11:00〜19:00
venue: imura art gallery Kyoto
More artist info: Shiro TSUJIMURA


Shiro TSUJIMURA Solo Exhibition "Tuchi (Soil)"
Sat. 17th Nov. - Sun 25th Nov., 2012 ※Opened throughout the duration
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