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Imura art gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Sae Miyoshi entitled "Flame".

Red, blue, yellow, green, pink, black and white... The oil paint of various colors applied by Sae Miyoshi onto the canvas, sometimes sensitively and sometimes abruptly, forms a forceful ensemble. In her works, Miyoshi depicts ambiguous forms that can be understood both as figurative and abstractive, such as curved lines, that are reminding of internal organs expanding themselves on the colourful surface of the canvas. The artist captures on the canvas, an untold feeling, the images that she has kept in herself since childhood.  

"It is hardly possible to tell my own feelings to others because they become something different once they are put into words. I feel like, once finished, the works are just like another me.", she explained.

Miyoshi gets the inspiration from negative emotions such as anxiety or discomfort in most cases. The works seem to picture a chaotic world at first glance, but they possess something more, an innocence that comes from the pure internality of the artists mental images and that makes a strong visual impression.

Miyoshi has given the title "Flame" to this exhibition, intending to unify vitality, energy, the life, origin and the others into this simple word.

period: sat. Mar 9 - sat. Apr. 13, 2013
time: 11:00 - 19:00 (closed on Sun, Mon, Holidays)
venue: imura art gallery, kyoto

Opening reception
sat. Mar. 9, 2013 17:00 -

More artist info: Sae Miyoshi


Sae Miyoshi solo exhibition "Flame"
sat. Mar 9 - sat. Apr. 13, 2013
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