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Imura art gallery, Kyoto proudly announces the launch of Tashima Etsuko's solo exhibition "Flowers".

Tashima started her career in 1980's as a leader of the female artists' group called Cho Shojo (Super Girls) in which works were characterized by their powerful expression that easily crosses the boundaries of conventional styles of art. Her feministic works were spotlighted especially for their representative form of the woman body and for the vivid colors. Around 1988, as organic twining forms emerged accompanied with botanical impression, vivid and lustrous color on surface started to submerge her works. This alternation made the artist become more conscious of the form as an entity, including the air surrounding a place. This progress led her further into a series of white pieces covered solely with white slip. The symbolic form seems to represent the spirituality existing at the very bottom of mind, showing a quiet and peaceful vision of the world.

Soon later Tashima has reached a whole new expression, combining translucent glass, composed with a technique called Mold Cast (filling small glass pieces into plaster molds and baking them in a kiln) with ceramics figures (made in a cupola furnace and including color slips). The sophisticated form is fully charged with softness and a certain female impetus.

Yellow petals are suffusing the exhibition "Flowers",  the artist's first solo exhibition in 5 years. The lemon-yellow, together with the pollen's softness and the gloss of glaze make the works full of life force. The artist employs recycled glass from fluorescent light as a new material. Its pale green color, seems driving into the viewer's eyes a subtle light and fusing with the vivid yellow. Etsuko Tashima's new creation with its fountain-like clarity, "by vital colors induces [us] into the pleasant world of brightness.", as the artist said.

period: 31 March Sat. - 21 April Sat., 2012
time: 11:00〜19:00 (closed on Sunday, Monday, National holiday)
venue: imura art gallery Kyoto

■Opening Reception
31 March sat. 17:00 -

More artist info: Etsuko TAJIMA


Etsuko TASHIMA Solo Exhibition "Flowers"
31 March Sat. - 21 April Sat., 2012
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