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Imura art gallery, kyoto proudly announces the launch of Kaori WATANABE's solo exhibition 
"Good News of the Morning" on the 10th of December 2011.

Kaori Watanabe (born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1984) has completed her master degree at Kyoto Saga University of Arts. As apparent from her recent activities, such as showing her works at the exhibition "ZIPANGU - 31 spirited artists cutting through new territories of Japanese contemporary art- " which toured in 3 venues of Takashimaya, or featuring her works in a movie, one may assume that her creativity crosses the boundary of Japanese painting. She is certainly one of the most spotlighted young artists of the Japanese painting, attracting the attention in a wide range of areas.

Watanabe's objective is to "make works that creates a kind of tension you can feel in rituals", using motifs of children. Using her solid techniques, established through the copying practice at university, she depicts the beauty of children's clear skin and their exquisite expression in where innocence and matureness coexist, and thus she describes the "sanctity" of children.

She pictures "the journey of children" throughout the works presented at this exhibition with, as a midpoint: "Kikikirin" a piece of art which was also shown at "ZIPANGU". She depicts children, about to start entering to the world where things are hard, easy or bright, somehow giving them an anxious impression.

In this first solo exhibition since 3 years, we are going to unveil Watanabe's paintings from the past works to the latest ones. The exhibition is entitled "Good News of the Morning", bringing together the idea of anxiety, fresh start and hope at the same time.

Artist Statement
As I have been painting figures of children, I deliberately intertwined a slight shadowy part as much as brightness into the works. This is because the world the children belong to, is by no means innocent.  The kids intuit that what lies ahead them is not just full of hopes. Even though they are still tasked to grow up, end their childhood and become adults. I just earnestly hope they stand strongly with their own feet no matter how the world is harsh on them.


period: sat. 10 Dec. – thu. 12 Jan., 2012
time: 11:00〜19:00 (closed on Sunday, Monday, National holiday) ※Winter break : thu. 29 Dec. - thu. 4 Jan.
venue: imura art gallery Kyoto

■Opening reception
10 [sat] December 2011, 17:00-

More artist info: Kaori WATANABE


Kaori WATANABE Solo Exhibition "Good News of the Morning"
sat. 10 Dec. – thu. 12 Jan., 2012
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