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Imura art gallery kyoto is pleased to announce "sometimes we can't choose where we die", a solo exhibition of Sai Hashizume. Sai Hashizume, born in 1980 in Tokyo, has a master degree from Tokyo National University of Arts and Music. After graduation, she moved to Berlin and then Paris to workon new pieces. Since 2010, Hashizume is back in Japan.

Always striving to discover the conciseness in society through her own reality, Hashizume has been attempting to reach for something, even beyond her outstanding talents, in the depiction. In her last year's solo exhibition, she presented a series of works named "After Image" as a blow to the Eurocentrism in art which Hashizume has experienced during her stay in Europe. This time, we will exhibit the new works of "After Image" under the themes of Vanitas, Eros and Death.

Furthermore, the theme which Hashizume currently depicts with her own view is 3.11. It has been almost a year since the disastrous Tohoku earthquakes and Fukushima nuclear plant catastrophe. A lot of information and rumors flooded. Many kinds of media and things have been changing day by day. For lots of people living far away from a stricken area, it could have already become a thing of the past without truly comprehending the reality. Hashizume has recognized this fact, and decided to depict this reality through her art work.

We will exhibit around six art works including the new works of "After Image" and the works under the theme of 3.11.
Please come visit the solo exhibition of Sai Hashizume.

Artist Statement

Back at the time the show was being scheduled, I was intended to constitute the exhibition with further updates of my recently pursuing series "After image". As time passed, however, I regarded it not necessarily urgent to keep working on a theme of western painting as an artist whose country is in a great problem which the whole world pays attention to. Even knowing it was an unpredictable path to go, I started feeling a strong urge to sublimate the sequence of events into works.
I understand the difficulty of working on such an immense issue, ceaselessly continues on paintings which essentially catch a moment, but I can't help attempting to be involved with this enormous event as a mission of artist.

Upon creating the 160cm height oil painting "a lovely day", the main visual of this show, I tried to
visualize the memories of earthquake, fading in minds, of people who are not in the center of the disaster. We certainly were in a tremendous shock on that day, but now it's been less than a year since then and it has already lost the sense of reality and its view is blurred to our eyes. The reality has lost vivid touch to me who live and work in Tokyo, probably to many others who do the same alike. I shall start by outputting this reality just the way it is onto canvas.

I am determined to contemplate the aspect of art, by means of 3.11, that functions as a device to give distinct contour to the air of cruel scene and relate the period of time by being passed forward to generations permanently.


period: April 27, fri - May 26, sat, 2012
time: 11:00〜19:00 (closed on Sunday, Monday, National holiday)
venue: imura art gallery Kyoto

■Opening Reception
April 28, sat, 18:00-

■ART KYOTO 2012 related events @ Kyoto International Conference Hall
“Sai Hashizume × Nanae Aoyama”
Date and Time | April 28, sat, 2012 13:00~14:30
Venue | Kyoto International Conference Hall (Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Takaragaike)  
※5 minutes from Kokusai Kaikan Station (Subway Karasuma Line), Exit4-2

Nanae Aoyama (novelist)
Born in Saitama prefecture in 1983, graduated from School of Library and Information Science University of Tsukuba. In 2005, she was awarded the 42th Bungei Prize for her debut novel, “Mado no Akari”. In 2007, she received the 136th Akutagawa Prize for her novel “Hitori Biyori” which she had been writing while working for a travel agency after graduating from university. In 2009, her short novel “Kakera” was awarded Kawabata Yasunari Bungaku Prize.

More artist info: Sai HASHIZUME


Sai HASHIZUME Solo Exhibition "sometimes we can't choose where we die"
April 27, fri - May 26, sat, 2012
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