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We are pleased to announce the launch of a solo exhibition of Alexander Gelman at imura art gallery kyoto.

Alexander Gelman is an American artist based in New York and Tokyo. His work has entered in public and private collections including The Museum of Modern Art in New York,  la Bibliothèque National de France and other major museums all around the world. Employing various media, Gelman challenges the boundaries between art, science and popular culture.

As he has been publishing his works mostly in New York and Tokyo in recent years, it is going to be his first solo exhibition in Kyoto. We are going to show Gelman's latest work series "Shadows" which is going to be publically presented for the first time at this exhibition.

Shadow series deal with the ambiguity of the identity, the objects don't look the same depending on the angles you take to approach them. On the other hand, shadows are images that only keep the dimension of the surface of the objects and they are lack of the significant quality of its identity. Yet a shadow also exists as two-dimensional images that possess an independent shape from the objects. As much as shadows are images lacking of certain information, they also indicate the possibility to us that objects could be interpreted in a completely different context. Through this duality of shadows, Gelman extracts the essence of the identity of objects and ideas not by accumulating its quality but concealing a part of it.

He says his esthetic of subtraction, which excludes all the unnecessary elements and derives the
essence of ideas, is the core of his creational process. As we use to say that "the ultimate simplicity connotes profound and complex meaning and interpretation", it means we all share this esthetic of subtraction in our sense of  the "Ma" (space in Japanese).

Gelman shows profound sympathy and understanding toward Japanese culture. It is not a superficial and exotic culture that catches his eyes. His enthusiastic interest lies in the various Japanese arts such as crafts, fine arts, martial arts, performing arts and incense art. Through them he contemplates the principle of philosophy and esthetic of Japan inherited ceaselessly.
His works will be also exhibited at art fair Cho-Kyoto (超京都) from 11th [fri] ー 13th [sun] November, taking place at Meisho-shouseien (Higashi-honganji temple).

[Artist's profile]

2004  Limited Run: Gelman Vs. Roth. Andrew Rorth Gallery, New York
2004  Gelman/Davis. Andrew Rorth Gallery, New York
2004  16 Skateboards.Special Gelman installation. The 4th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen, China
2005  Elemental Narratives. Three large scale installations at CET, Tokyo
2006  The Alexander Gelman Exhibition: New York Connection. GGG, Tokyo
2006  Treasure Map. Alexander Gelman installation at CET, Tokyo
2007  Little Black.. New Works by Alexander Gelman. Installation at Nanzuka Underground, Tokyo
2008  GELMAN-IZE & DAVIZ-IZE, Nanzuka Underground, Tokyo
2009  Gelman's Masterpieces, Kakitsubata,Tokyo
2010  Corner, an International Group Show, Nanzuka Underground, Tokyo

2000  Subtraction (RotoVision, UK)
2004  Infiltrate (BIS, Amsterdam)
2006  Gelman Thinks (Browns, London)
2006  Alexander Gelman (GGG, Tokyo)
2007  Alexander Gelman: Little Black Sequencer, New York
2009  Alexander Gelman: Postglobal, PHP Publishing Inc., Tokyo
2010  Gelman's Chess: The artisan Experience, Globally Local Media, Tokyo
2011  35°38' N 139°42'30" E, Sequencer, New York, Tokyo
          Chess Collectible, Sequencer, New York, Tokyo
          Shadows, Sequencer, Sequencer, New York, Tokyo
          Temptations, Sequencer, Sequencer, New York, Tokyo
          Obscured by Clouds, Sequencer, New York, Tokyo

Public collection
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, the United States of America
Smithsonian Museum, the United States of America
French National Library, Paris, France
Denver Art Museum, Colorado, the United States of America

period: 10 [thu] November ー 30[wed] November
time: 11:00〜19:00 (closed on Sunday, Monday, National holiday)
venue: imura art gallery Kyoto

■Opening Reception
12th [sat] November, 2011 17:00 ー

More artist info: Alexander GELMAN


Alexander GELMAN Solo Exhibition "Shadows"
10 [thu] November ー 30[wed] November
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