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Imura art gallery Kyoto is pleased to announce the solo exhibition, "SAKUTEI", featuring Yu Hanabusa.

Since 2000 and for about ten years, Yu Hanabusa had created her works in between Thailand and Japan but from 2010, she has been engaged in her creative activities in Kyoto. She creates colorful oil paintings with thick matière using the image of "flower offerings" or different legends of Thailand as her motif. 

The theme for her up-coming exhibition is 'SAKUTEI' and in these works especially her process is constitutive of the piece itself. First, she covers stone lanterns with flowers and leaves. Then, by putting the lanterns back in the landscape, she creates a new image, her own "garden". Through her art, one can discern human knowledge, creativity and interaction with the nature. These gardens filled by these elements constitute a view on the Japanese conception of the nature.

By covering stone lanterns and stone monuments, that are inorganic and cold but mysterious and symbolic in the nature, with completely opposed materials, Hanabusa recreates a scene that is familiar but yet surrounded by a unique atmosphere.

At this exhibition, 7 oil paintings, including the watercolor Hanabusa created during her trip to India for the "Art Across Asia" exhibition in 2012, will be exhibited. We are looking forward to have you at Yu Hanabusa's solo exhibition at our Kyoto gallery.

"Using flowers and leaves, I recreate mysteriously structured stone lanterns, to place them in the landscape again.  Stone lanterns turn towns, rivers and mountains into a garden."

Yu Hanabusa

period: sat. 5 Oct. - sat., 26 Oct., 2013
time: 11:00〜19:00 (closed on Sunday Monday, National holiday)
venue: imura art gallery Kyoto

■Opening reception
Sat. 5 Oct. 17:00 -

More artist info: Yu Hanabusa


Yu Hanabusa solo exhibition "SAKUTEI"
sat. 5 Oct. - sat., 26 Oct., 2013
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