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Imura Art Gallery is proud to present Sai Hashizume's solo exhibition, This isn't Happiness. The show, the artist's first in Kyoto for five years, presents new works from the After Image series that the artist has been creating since her return to Japan in 2010.

For the last five years, Hashizume has participated in many group exhibitions at top art museums in Japan, and in 2013, was awarded the Koji Kinutani Prize for young artists exploring new possibilities within figurative painting. In 2014, she attracted much attention when her painting Red Session was used as the signature marketing image for the Pola cosmetic brand's Red BA range, including its incorporation into package designs, and also for her large-scale solo exhibition held at the Pola Museum Annex.

Hashizume has also participated in numerous exhibitions internationally, including shows in Hong Kong, Italy, and Singapore. She has enthusiastically broadened the range of her work beyond the boundaries of pure contemporary art through her involvement with book creation, and contributing the artwork for promotional events for a champagne brand. Since 2015, she has been lecturing part-time at Tama Art University, teaching art to the younger generation.

The title of this exhibition, "This isn't Happiness," seems to reflect a determination on the artist's part to continue making a living as an artist in this way, connecting as she does with society in various ways. The artist's life is not always an enjoyable one. However, Hashizume's works that originate from that way of life, transcending easy descriptions such as "beautiful," remain highly compelling to viewers.


The life of the artist means to give, and give, and keep on giving.

That isn't happiness, but I don't think of it as a misfortune either.

Sai Hashizume


Imura Art Gallery invites you to observe the way of life of the artist Sai Hashizume.

period: March 11-April 8, 2017
time: 12:00-19:00
venue: imura art gallery kyoto
More artist info: Sai Hashizume


Sai Hashizume Solo Exhibition 「This isn't Happiness」
March 11-April 8, 2017
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