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Imura Art Gallery Kyoto presents "Soshaku suru Kashoku II - Digesting decoration II", a solo exhibition by Satoshi Someya.

"Kashoku" is a Japanese lacquerware craft term which generally means to add decoration using various techniques such as "Maki-e" (decoration technique in which gold or silver powder is sprinkled sill-wet lacquer). Someya says "Kashoku" for him is to fill in the margin between materials and techniques.

Up until recently, Someya worked on groundwork called "Tai" which had prominently organic curves of animals and humans. Using traditional techniques such as Maki-e, Raden (to inlay mother of pearl or shell on lacquer), and Chinkin (to press gold powder or gold foil into an incised pattern on lacquer), he put pop design on his "Tai". His expression through "Kashoku" was also an act of expressing his own memory, daily living, and images. Now he sees layering lacquer is also a part of "Kashoku" and takes a different approach in doing so. He even integrates naturally occurring patterns into the design. He sees "Kashoku" as a more comprehensive act of decorating which ranges from drawing patterns to decorating, not just certain techniques. With that in mind, he continues to explore "Kashoku".

There will be eight of his new works on display in addition to the works previously displayed at Imura Art Gallery in Tokyo in July. This is his fourth solo exhibition at Imura Art Gallery Kyoto. We hope you enjoy the show.

To search for authentic motifs.
To create groundwork ("Tai") to decorate.
To take "Arimono" (existing materials) as "Tai" and to express their decoration
"Kashoku" for me is an act of filling in the margin between materials and techniques.

Satoshi Someya

period: 18 October, sat. - 8 November sat. 2014
time: 11:00 - 19:00 (closed on Sunday, Monday, Holidays)
venue: imura art gallery Kyoto
More artist info: Satoshi SOMEYA


Satoshi Someya Solo Exhibition "Digesting decoration II"
18 October, sat. - 8 November sat. 2014
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