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imura art gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Taro Yamamoto, an artist whose creation is in the 'Nippon-ga''s vein. Yamamoto's works are revolutionizing Nippon-ga. His main aim is to restructure the intellection of traditional Japanese painting with an actual viewpoint and a modern multi-layered paint and to depict, the chaotic Japanese society, with humor and affection.

In this exhibition will be presented, the Nijyuushi-sekki series or the "24 divisions of the solar year's" series, based on the traditional Japanese calendar. Mr. Koyama, who is well known as TV script writer, has commissioned Taro Yamamoto to produce this series and also to design the name card of the staff of "Shimogamo Saryo", the traditional Japanese restaurant Mr. Koyama is the head of. Furthermore, Yamamoto has been involved in many projects in relation with Kumamoto (Mr. Koyama's hometown). Mainly, he was engaged in the creation of "KUMAMON", the most popular official mascot character of Kumamoto prefecture. Yamamoto is also from Kumamoto, it is surely thanks to this, that for this exhibition, the collaboration was re-actualized.

Nijyushi-sekki refers to the way people of former days have separated the four seasons to 24 divisions: dividing spring, summer, autumn and winter into six sections each. This calendar, with the 24 divisions, have been used to organize Japanese people's livelihood. Each division has a name and each event that commemorates the change of section is still celebrated nowadays. While looking at the paintings, a strong feeling surface: in Japan, there's really a special consideration regarding each seasons.

It is in the pure 'Nippon-ga' style, that the old calendar has been restructured by Yamamoto's original viewpoint. In this exhibition, all 24 seasons, including 6 new works that haven't been presented in the Kyoto's previous exhibition, are displayed. They express both the unchanged beauty of the four seasons and the immutable sight of Japan.
period: sat. Sep. 21 - sun. Oct. 12
time: 12:00〜19:00(closed on Monday Tuesday, National holiday)
venue: imura art gallery tokyo

Opening reception
sat. 21 Sep. 18:00-

More artist info: Taro YAMAMOTO


Taro YAMAMOTO Solo Exhibition "24/24-twenty four twenty fourth-"
sat. Sep. 21 - sun. Oct. 12
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