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This exhibition is realized in collaboration with Mr. Kundo Koyama who is certainly one of the most active and well-known TV script writers in Japan.

Japan is a beautiful country through all seasons and shows different features on each of them. People of former days separated the transient time into 24 divisions, giving a name to them, relishing each period and using the name of each division in their daily life. This division is called "Nijuu Shi Sekki" (24 seasons). Furthermore, as annual events developed along the seasons, it is not too much to say that Japanese people have no season without seasonal festivals.

Mr. Koyama has a special fondness and understanding of Japanese culture, especially the culture of Kyoto. He commissioned Yamamoto to produce the series "Nijuu Shi Sekki" based on the subject of the sensitivities that, even today, Japanese people have toward the delicate changings of climate. Thanks to Mr. Koyama's strong feelings for Kumamoto, his hometown, Taro Yamamoto has been involved in many projects in relation to Kumamoto. For instance, he was engaged in the invention of "KUMAMON", the most popular official mascot character of Kumamoto prefecture. Yamamoto is also originally from Kumamoto. In the wake of it, this project came into being. This exhibition will showcase 18 works out of 24 from the series, and all 24 works adding other 6 works will be exhibited at imura art gallery Tokyo this autumn (Exhibition slated on 21 September, Sat - 20 October, Sun). This series was also chosen for the name card design of Shimogamo Saryo's staff. Shimogamo Saryo is the traditional Japanese restaurant, Mr. Koyama is the head and producer of, it has been in operation since 1856.

In Japan, numerous works have been created on the subject of seasons and annual events in the history. Taking over this heritage, Taro Yamamoto, Nippon-ga painter of the Heisei period, presents the expressive Japanese seasons with his unique perspective.

Talk show and opening reception with Mr. Kundo Koyama will be held on 7/15. We are looking forward to welcome you at the gallery.

period: sat. Jul. 13 - sat. Aug. 10, 2013
time: 11:00-19:00 (closed on Sunday, Monday, National holiday) ※excluding 7/15
venue: imura art gallery Kyoto

■Talk show & Opening Reception
Kundo Koyama (TV script writer, Head / Producer of Shimogamo Saryo)×Taro Yamamoto
mon. Jul. 15, 2013  11:00-

More artist info: Taro YAMAMOTO


Taro YAMAMOTO Solo Exhibition "18/24 -eighteen twenty fourth-"
sat. Jul. 13 - sat. Aug. 10, 2013
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