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Takayoshi Tsuchiya + Kentaro Ataka "Where has yesterday gone?"

period: Saturday, 10 January - Monday, Holiday 12 January, 2015 *3 days
venue: imura art gallery tokyo (3331 Arts Chiyoda #206)
Imura art gallery tokyo will present "Where has yesterday gone?", an exhibition by Takayoshi Tsuchiya + Kentaro Ataka. This exhibition is the sequel of the media installation collaborated by Takaya Tsuchiya (an artist) and Kentaro Ataka (an architect) back in the spring 2013. It featured the renovation of the gallery space until the reopening, and it turned out to be quite successful. This sequel is comprehensive with the addition of the segment after the opening of the gallery space, and shows the whole timeline through the opening to the close down of the gallery space. As if to peel off thin layers of skin, the projector shows the layers of the past as it turns real size images every minute.

Hideki Kimura SoloExhibition "Charcoal"

period: Saturday, 29 November - Sunday, 14 December, 2014
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo will present "Charcoal", a solo exhibition by Hideki Kimura. Hideki Kimura is one of the leading print artists in Japan. He had a strong debut with his highly acclaimed "Pencil" series in 1974, which received the National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto Award at the International Biennial Exhibition in Tokyo. He also produces art works with glass and canvas as the medium. This exhibition will showcase his latest print works from the "Charcoal" series, which he has been working on since 2012.
Photo : Hiroaki Hamada

Yukari Momoda Solo Exhibition "Time Slice"

period: Saturday, October 11 ‒ Sunday, October 26, 2014
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura Art Gallery Tokyo presents 'Time Slice,' a solo exhibition by Yukari Momoda. In Momoda's works, vivid colors laid on canvas are impressive. Colors which do not exist in nature are layered to produce a space disconnected from the present time axis. We hope you will enjoy her first solo exhibition at Imura Art Gallery Tokyo.
"mama" 2014 oil on panel, cotton, chalkground 91×65.2cm

Group show Sai HASHIZUME / Masaharu SATO / Takayoshi TSUCHIYA

period: Friday, September 12, 2014 - Sunday, September 28, 2014
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo presents "Group show: Sai Hashizume / Masaharu Sato / Takayoshi Tsuchiya". This exhibition will show case the major works by the aforementioned three artists, who present their recent works mainly at museums. We hope you enjoy both the consistency and the diversity of each artist.
Takayoshi Tsuchiya Fly 2008 Lambda print, acrylic resin 48×72cm

Sae Miyoshi Solo Exhibition "Honto -true-"

period: Saturday, August 2 ‒ Sunday, August 24, 2014 *Gallery closing | Monday, August 11 ‒ Tuesday, August 19, 2014
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo proudly presents "Honto ‒ true- ", Sae Miyoshi's solo exhibition. The exhibition showcases her works since July 2013. We would invite you to experience the bold, abandon, and energetic world of "Honto".
“Room finished” 2014 oil on canvas, 72.7×55.0cm

Satoshi SOMEYA Solo Exhibition "Digesting Decoration Ⅱ" workshop "Let's decorate Japanese bowls with decorative graffiti! "

period: July, 21st 2014 (Mon)
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
To draw a pattern freely lacquer bowl of Wajima, You will produce a bowl unique in this world. When ones hear the term "decorative" (the idea to draw a pattern) associated with the lacquer technic, he or she may assumes that it could be a bit difficult. But, put over the lacquer bowl, the folksy motifs allow its creator to be free. Through free decorating experience, let's create graffiti over a Urushiwan of everyday use!

Satoshi SOMEYA solo exhibition "Digesting Decoration II"

period: July, 5th 2014(Sat)〜 July, 20th(Sun)
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo presents Satoshi Someya's solo exhibition "Digesting Decoration Ⅱ" from Saturday, July 5, 2014 through Sunday, July 20, 2014. It is his first solo exhibition taken place at imura art gallery tokyo.
photo : Rui Mizuki

Natsunosuke MISE Solo Exhibition "Vernacular Painting"

period: Saturday, May 24, 2014 – Sunday, June 15, 2014
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo presents Natsunosuke Mise's solo exhibition "Vernacular Painting" from Saturday, May 24, 2014 through Sunday, June 15, 2014. It is his fourth solo exhibition taken place at imura art gallery. Talk Event Norio AKASAKA × Natsunosuke MISE × Tetsuya OZAKI Date & Time| Saturday, May 24 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Place | 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1FCommunity Space

Masaharu SATO solo exhibition "Portrait of Hiroko"

period: 5 April, sat - 27 April, sun, 2014
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo is very pleased to present the solo exhibition of Masaharu SATO " Portrait of Hiroko". Seven new digital paintings will be exhibited. Masaharu Sato was born in 1973 in Oita, Japan. After graduating from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2000 with MFA, he spent 10 years in Germany, during which period he developed a unique animation technique of tracing photographs. He traces the pictures which he took with a video camera,on the computer, consistently following the same rules and steps, "trying to replicate the objects without exaggerating or leaving marks and such" as he describes. Perhaps his action of replicating photographs and the resulting images that appear to replicate the real world could closely resemble the action and the images of looking for common ground between you and the society while recognizing the gap in between, such as the difference of languages and customs.
Portrait No.5 2014 Digital painting  120×180cm

Yoshimi MIYAMOTO solo exhibition "Canon"

period: 27 Feburuary, thu〜23 March, sun, 2014
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo is proud to present Yoshimi Miyamoto's solo exhibition, "CANON". Yoshimi Miyamoto, is depecting the world of the living, bringing a unique light, in her quasi monochromatic composition. Everything that lives and die, it's what the artist invites us to consider. When depicting the death, Miyamoto is bringing her model to life. She's showing what has disappeared, the shadow of a moment that is not anymore. Together with the flowers, the illusion of the artist's standard(Canon), fixed on the canvas, spread the idea of an invisible world. We look forward to see you at the first exhibition in Tokyo of Yoshimi Miyamoto, an artist born and currently living in Kansai area.
canon 2013 watercolor and acrylic on cotton 193.9×112.1cm


period: 17 January, fri 〜 9 February, sun, 2014
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo proudly presents the solo exhibition of Ai Ryumon,"Kiku to Sakana (Chrysanthemum and Fish)." Through her artwork, Ai Ryumon (born in Okayama in 1984) depicts her own view of the world by incorporating her modernized sense about our daily life into the images of formalized Japanese traditional culture. Ryumon's art works and her precise and unconventional images challenge the fuzzy sense of the world that we hold as we live in modern Japan.
The Chrysanthemum and the Fish, 2013, 41×31.8cm, oil on canvas.

Takeshi TANAKA solo exhibition "Let's Begin the Tales of the Night."

period: sat. 30 Nov. - sun. 22 Dec., 2013
venue: imura art gallery Tokyo
Imura Art Gallery Tokyo presents Takeshi Tanaka's Solo Exhibition, "Let's Begin the Tales of the Night." In this exhibition, Tanaka's works, created in the theme of the desires of the night as well as some new works, including the "Sixteen Erotic Figures" series, will be exhibited. In the darkness of the night when one's earthly desires surface, how would a human face his or her own desires? In a late winter night, we wish that you could immerse yourself in the world of the night depicted by Tanaka as you listen to your own tales of the night.
Sixteen Erotic Figures "Yamou"

Makito OKADA solo exhibiton "Farewell"

period: 26 October, sat~ 17 November, sun, 2013
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo proudly presents "Farewell," a solo exhibition of Makito OKADA.  In this exhibition, Okada presents his new art works inspired by the tragic death of a Greek philosopher, Empedocles. This legendary philosopher is known for his suicide as he threw himself into an active volcano ( Mt. Etna, Italy) so that he would be unified with the nature. Okada has been energetically producing new pieces of art and has submitted his work to VOCA 2013. We hope that you can visit our gallery and immerse yourself in the world of Okada's new art works.
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Taro YAMAMOTO Solo Exhibition "24/24-twenty four twenty fourth-"

period: sat. Sep. 21 - sun. Oct. 12
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
imura art gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Taro Yamamoto, an artist who is creating in the 'Nippon-ga''s vein. Yamamoto's works are revolutioning Nippon-ga. He restructures the intellection of traditional Japanese painting with an actual viewpoint and a modern multi-layered paint and depicts, the chaotic Japanese society, with humor and affection.
Risshu, Green Maple and Boat on Flow 2013 Japanese mineral pigment on paper with silver leaf 24.2×33.3cm

Yu KIWANAMI solo exhibition : WORKS from "Appetite for painting"

period: sat. July 27 - sun. September 1, 2013 *Summer holiday : August 12 -20
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery, tokyo is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Yu Kiwanami entitled 'WORKS from "Appetite for painting"'. Kiwanami's work, characterized by a clear construction with sharp outline and flat coloration, have been showing a remarkable transformation during the last few years, getting a new sense of the narration and more nuance in the artistic effect. This exhibition reveals the latest process of Kiwanami's artistic evolvement, adding new works to his past exhibition, "Appetite for painting", held in imura art gallery, kyoto.
Confirmation of Happiness 2013 acrylic on canvas 130.3×160cm

Sae Miyoshi Solo Exhibition "inside the hole"

period: sat. June 15 - sun. July. 14, 2013
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Imura art gallery tokyo is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Sae Miyoshi titled "inside the hole". The artist concretizes her infrangible memories and emotions onto the canvas in the most keen and highly original style. The new works created after the solo exhibition will be displayed in March 2013 at imura art gallery, kyoto.
Skull with bare feet 2013 oil on canvas 160×130.3cm
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Takayoshi Tsuchiya + Kentaro Ataka "Where has yesterday gone?"

period: sat. May. 11 - sun. Jun. 2, 2013
venue: imura art gallery tokyo
Upon the fresh start of our new gallery space in Tokyo, we decided to leave the initiative of the reconstruction of the space to Takayoshi Tsuchiya and Kentaro Ataka who manipulatively control the perception. This is an installation project that address the process and time of the reconstruction until its completion through various methods and media, such as movies, architecture objects, paintings and installations.
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