Ai RYUMON, currently lives and works in Kyoto, completed  master course of oil painting at Kyoto City University of Arts in March 2009.

This is her first solo exhibition in our gallery.
She has already acquired a reputation in Japan as well as abroad for her "Doll series"and "Layer Tights series" which are represented with vivid colours, audacious composition and her neutral viewpoint for the girls of same generation.

The exhibition features her new works from one of "the ceremonial occasion series", "Noshi-gami", which means "gift wrapping paper" in Japanese.
We have a gift-giving tradition for someone who has done something for you, like a teacher and boss, also one's parents now.
And we wrap the gift beautifully with Noshi-gami as is the custom.
Formally, this wrapping paper should be tied with strings.
However, this custom is simplified, we print this strings on the paper.    

"The Japanese formalized custom " that RYUMON feels interest,she thinks that "Ready made printed Noshi-gami" is one of the representative things of this "Japanese formalized custom ".

RYUMON represents this curious custom, encoded image with her sense. 
The eye to stare at the present age of RYUMON is always calm and shrewd.

We exhibit about 10 new works included "Noshi-gami" measuring nearly two-meters tall in this exhibition.

“Noshi-gami”, the formal gift-wrapping paper for packages, which we can find recently, in supermarkets and convenience stores. 
A long time ago, there was a convention of giving gifts in Japan; one attached the dried abalone to a present and “tied” with strings. 
“Noshi-gami” derives originally from this manner for special gift, and now this formalized custom is prevalent and popularized. 
An act “tying” in my daily life is to tie a present box with a ribbon or to tie my hair up in every morning.

In our daily life in which the style of everything is constantly changing , and the habitude has become custom, and then it became tradition.
I think that the same can be said for fashion and for traditional event. I am interested in the culture itself, which is ever changing, and its process.

I introduce our daily current sense into the image operated as this formalized and traditional symbol, in other words, I would like to show the both contrastively, then I would like to be conscious of these meanings and acts.








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Ai RYUMON solo exhibition

2009.4.11 - 5.2

龍門藍 展

2009.4.11 - 5.2