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Squeegeeing Acrylic on Canvas
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Imura art gallery is pleased to announce a fifth exhibition of new works by Japanese Artist Hideki Kimura.
”Translucency / skin - Squeegee Painting - ” will juxtapose the latest and the chronological series from 1998 at once.

By creating Translucency skin on canvas, Kimura explores three-dimensionwise space in the new works.
He delimits painting surface with an adhesive tape, squeezing acrylic medium which painted in the first place. ‘Translucency skin shows ambiguity both visibility and invisibility of other side objects.’, Kimura said.

Kimura received a high evaluation with “pensil series” in 1974 and won a prize of the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto of International Biennale Exhibition of Prints in Tokyo simultaneously.
After that,he in turn got international prizes, having been one of the representative printmakers in Japan.

We hope you to have the opportunity to witness how his work will give a subtle sense.


京都では5度目となる本展では、1998年より取り組んでいるキャンヴァスを支持体としたSqueegeeing Acrylic on Canvasシリーズの経緯と現在形を併せて展示致します。



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Hideki KIMURA solo exhibition “Translucency / skin - Squeegee Painting -”

Jul 18 (Sat) - Aug 29 (Sat),2015

木村秀樹 個展 「半透明の皮膜による絵画」

Jul 18 (Sat) - Aug 29 (Sat),2015

レセプション | 7月18日(土)17:00〜
夏期休廊|8月13日(木)- 17日(月)