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Imura art gallery kyoto is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of the wood carving artist, Fumio Yamazaki.
Yamazaki always draws some images with creyon or pencil for making sculptures.
We will show them as well in this exhibition.

His works of art are made of one piece of camphor tree's wood with the technique called "Ichiboku-zukuri" (to dod wood sculpture on one same piece of a tree), the colors are added in a second time.

The series "Silent Neighbor", that he has started in 2006, is based on anthropomorphized creatures that got the body of a child and the head of a domestic animal, with lonely and sorrowful eyes.
These figures create an inimitable presence, making the viewer feels a sense of peace and of calm but in a slightly warp and imbalance atmosphere.
The works that he has spent much time on and has produced while facing the wood and himself, let us feel some kind of signs.
The viewers are softly enfold by a distinct fragrance of camphor tree and the smooth and beautiful feel of the wood's carved surface.

この度、イムラアートギャラリーでは2年ぶりとなる、木彫作家 山﨑史生の個展を開催いたします。





尚、10/3(土)はニュイ・ブランシュKYOTO 2015に伴い21:00まで開廊しております。

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Fumio YAMAZAKI solo exhibition

Sep 19 (Sat) - Oct 10 (Sat) , 2015

山﨑史生 個展

Sep 19 (Sat) - Oct 10 (Sat) , 2015