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We are pleased to announce an exhibition “Garden + Room” by the collaborative artists “Suna Fujita”( Shohei Fujita and Chisato Yamano) at two different galleries, Kou Kyoto and imura art gallery. 

At Kou Kyoto, we mostly present the collaborative works by Suna Fujita, as well as separated works by Shohei Fujita and Chisato Yamano. At Imura Art Gallery, we exhibit their installation work, which is well suited to the gallery space.

Fujita’s works are made by glazing and firing clays, and elaborated by sharpening the surface of the layers of the glaze. This is the reason why his works look so delicate that they seem like being made of glass. On the contrary, Yamano’s works are very unique, free, and humoristic, using motifs inspired by animals and plants.

According to their interview, they say there is a difference between creating vessels and objects. Vessels are created through thinking about how they are used in ordinary life, and objects, on the other hand, are created through imaging the space they will be displayed, because they think object works are completed only after being displayed.

The title “Garden + Room” came from the way their works are exhibited. Two different gallery spaces are named “Room”(Kou Kyoto) and “Garden”(Imura Art Gallery), one is at the 2nd floor of the inner part of a building in the city, the other is glassed-in and open space. We will be glad if you can enjoy the contrast of two exhibition which are presented in two different spaces.


昂KYOTOでは、スナ・フジタの器作品を中心に、藤田匠平と山野千里の作品も同時に出品いたします。イムラアートギャラリーでは、藤田匠平と山 野千里の作品を中心に、空間の特徴を生かしたインスタレーション展示を行います。



 本展のタイトル「Garden+Room」は、2会場の異なる空間の特徴とそこに展示する作品のあり方から考えられました。街中の通り沿いの奥にある建物の2階スペースにある昂KYOTOを「部屋 / Room」、通り沿いのガラス張りでオープンな印象を与えるイムラアートギャラリーを「庭 / Garden」ととらえ、特徴の異なる展示空間で対比する展示内容を

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Suna Fujita(Shohei Fujita&Chisato Yamano)"Garden + Rooms"

Nov 14 (Sat) - Nov 28 (Sat) , 2015

Venue2:KOU KYOTO http://koukyoto.com/
Period :Nov 14 (Sat)~Nov 22(Sun),2015
Open hour : 12:00~18:00

スナフジタ/藤田匠平・山野千里 「GARDEN+ROOM」

Nov 14 (Sat) - Nov 28 (Sat) , 2015

Venue2:KOU KYOTO http://koukyoto.com/
Period :Nov 14 (Sat)~Nov 22(Sun),2015
Open hour : 12:00~18:00