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Yoshihiro TATSUKI
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Yoshihiro TATSUKI
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Yoshihiro TATSUKI
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We are proud to present a solo exhibition of Yoshihiro Tatsuki. Tatsuki graduated from Tokyo Junior Collage of Photography (forerunner of Tokyo Polytechnic University) in 1958, and went freelance photographer in 1969. He is famous for the black/white photographic works of Japanese actress, and has been doing commercial, magazine, and publishing work.

Even though shooted in black and white, Tatsuki’s photographic works are very powerful, and vivid as a color photograph. He has a strong curiosity to the subjects. That is why we can see the living atmosphere from these photos. 

In this exhibition, we will present unreleased 24 photographic works including snap shots of the ordinary scenery taken in Habana, the capital city of Cuba. Please enjoy the temperature of Tatsuki’s photographic works.

*This exhibition is participated in KG+, a satellite event of “KYOTO GRAPHIE (International photography festival)”.
HP: http://www.kyotographie.jp/kgplus/

イムラアートギャラリーでは写真家 立木義浩の個展を開催致します。





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Yoshihiro Tatsuki Exhibition "Blowing in the the Left Hand Wind"

Apr 22 (Fri) - May 21 (Sat) , 2016

立木義浩 左回りの風(低気圧)

Apr 22 (Fri) - May 21 (Sat) , 2016