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Picnic Pot
Suna Fujita
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Imura art gallery is pleased to announce Suna Fujita Showroom, an exhibition by ceramic art collaboration Suna Fujita. Shohei Fujita and Chisato Yamano are both active ceramicists working independently, but they have also produced and exhibited work together as Suna Fujita since 2005. Married to each other, they spent some time in Kyoto before relocating to an island in the Seto Inland Sea. This year, they have returned to Kyoto, working in the city again. The ceramic ware produced by Suna-Fuji includes lighthearted depictions of fragmentary scenes from what seems like a familiar past, combined with animals and plants. Each piece is full of humor and wit, and viewers soon find themselves smiling. This exhibition takes advantage of the venue’s characteristics to present the works as a site-specific installation. The worldview of Suna Fujita is heartwarming, replete with fresh and positive surprises.

Artist’s comment
As well as viewing each individual work, please step back and enjoy the space as a whole. (Suna Fujita)

この度イムラアートギャラリーは、作陶ユニット、スナ・フジタによる展覧会「スナ・フジタ 展示室」 を開催いたします。

スナ・フジタは藤田匠平と山野千里による作陶ユニットです。それぞれ作家活動を精力的に行うと同時に、2005年より共同制作した作品を発表。夫妻でもある両名は京都で活動後、瀬戸内の島に移住し、今年より再び拠点を京都に戻し制作を行っています。 スナ・フジタから作り出される器は、どこか懐かしい心象風景の断片シーンが動物や植物とともに軽やかに描かれ、ユーモアとウィットに富んだ笑いを誘います。本展では空間を生かしたインスタレーション展示を行います。スナ・フジタの作り出す世界観は、ポジティブで新鮮な驚きと温もりを与えてくれることでしょう。

多くの人に作品と空間全貌をゆっくりと見て頂ければ嬉しいなと思います。                               スナ・フジタ

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Suna Fujita "Showroom"

Saturday, October 14–Saturday, October 28, 2017


Saturday, October 14–Saturday, October 28, 2017