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Photo : Akihito Yoshida
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Photo : Akihito Yoshida
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Photo : Akihito Yoshida

Imura art gallery is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition by painter, Aya Kawato.

Aya Kawato’ s grid paintings have interwoven vertical and horizontal colors, giving them the feel of textiles. These works are created based on a physical practice that requires the meticulousness and dynamism of handcraftsmanship in which the artist paints overlapping layers using masking tape and acrylic paint.

Since its emergence in the twentieth century, the grid has been an important trend in modern art. The modern expression of grids that feature in their own right, rather than simply serving as elements within a painting, can be seen in the work of Piet Mondrian and American abstract expressionist painters, as well as in the context of architecture.

Kawato has incorporated practices and ideas from the kogei tradition of textiles into this form of expression, which had become dominated by grids that were flat and geometrical.

By painting multiple layers of grids by hand, the artist aims to introduce two effects“Controlled and Uncontrolled” . The aesthetic effects that reside in such slips or inconsistencies beyond the artist’ s intent, emerging after single-minded repetitive work,bring about subtleties and discoveries that resemble the unintended details that are unexpectedly captured in a photograph. The effects of color and light in the patterns within the grid give a sense of new possibilities for painting.

Grounded in her interest in cutting-edge neuroscience, Aya Kawato focuses on the awareness of inconsistencies in perception and cognition, such as the fact that what we see with our eyes is different from the actual objects we are looking at. Leveraging her education in textiles, she is beginning to establish a unique style as she extends the position of grid art from modern painting in the annals of art history.

This exhibition by Aya Kawato includes eight new works, providing an opportunity to examine the artist’ s provocative approach.







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Aya Kawato solo exhibition

2018.6.15 ( Fri ) - 7.13 ( Fri )

Opening Reception

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川人綾 個展

2018.6.15 ( Fri ) - 7.13 ( Fri )

Opening Reception

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