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Imura art gallery is pleased to announce “golden silver,” an exhibition by Natsunosuke Mise. For the artist’s first solo exhibition at Imura Gallery in seven years, he shows new works created in the image of gold and silver. Mise is normally based in Yamagata Prefecture, but for this exhibition he has attempted to reproduce here in Kyoto the approach and production processes that underlie his practice.

Mise has been teaching at the Tohoku University of Art and Design in Yamagata since 2009. When the Great East Japan Earthquake hit the Tohoku region on March 11, 2011, he directly experienced the disaster of a major earthquake for the second time in his life, following the Great Hanshin earthquake that occurred when he was a student in the Kansai area. This occurrence led him to reconsider the role and practice of art, and greatly influenced his work ever since. This year is the tenth since the disaster. According to the artist, he doesn’t particularly feel anything special about the tenth anniversary, but at the same time, it would feel wrong to let the anniversary pass unmarked.

Mise works in the area of nihonga (Japanese-style paintings), but his paintings consistently break through the boundaries traditionally ascribed to nihonga. In recent years he has been producing works in the shape of flags, exhibiting them a wide range of venues. During the disaster ten years ago, he was perhaps seeking a new flag (painting) for Japan that could function as a catalyst for depicting a brighter future. And now, at a time when we are filled with anxiety at the invisible threat of a virus, it is valuable to consider where Mise’s flags could lead us.

Coinciding with the timing of this exhibition, the artist is presenting a large work at the Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art as part of “Bubbles / Debris: Art of the Heisei Period 1989–2019.” This is a good opportunity to explore his work at two venues in close proximity.

*In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, we would appreciate your cooperation for the following precautions.

・All visitors are asked to wear masks.
・Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms such as colds or fever.
・If the inside of the gallery is crowded, you may have to wait at the entrance.


*For those who do not come because of distance.
 If you have any questions about works, please feel free to contact us.

この度イムラアートギャラリーでは、三瀬夏之介の個展「golden silver」を開催いたします。ギャラリーでは7年ぶりの個展となる本展では、山形で制作を続ける作家の思考や制作プロセスそのものを京都で再現する形で、金と銀をイメージした新作を発表いたします。



同時期に、京都市京セラ美術館にて開催中の「平成美術:うたかたと瓦礫(デブリ)  1989-2019」にも大型の作品を出品しています。こちらもあわせてご高覧いただけますと幸いです。



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golden silver | Natsunosuke Mise solo exhibition


三瀬夏之介 個展 golden silver