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《Untitled 2022-07》Oil painting / 145.5×145.5cm / 2022
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imura art gallery is pleased to present Yasuko Iba's first solo exhibition at the gallery in about thirteen years.

Since Iba began working in oil in the mid-1990s, she has been painting motifs taken from daily life, such as glossy pottery and textured bedding.

Ibas works are based on photographs taken by the artist herself. Nonetheless, they are more than merely realistic reproductions of the world captured through a camera lens; they also depict sensory textures such as the light and air surrounding the subject.

On the canvas, the result is that the transparency and lightness of the photograph softly blend together with the beautiful colors of the motif itself and the delicate light that illuminates it.

Iba mainly painted still lifes, but in recent years her interest in motifs has gradually turned to landscapes and spaces. This exhibition introduces five or so works, including new works depicting landscapes.






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Yasuko Iba solo exhibition

2022/12/2 (Fri.)~ 12/23 (Fri.)*Closed on Mondays, Sundays and National Holidays

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2022/12/2 (Fri.)~ 12/23 (Fri.)*Closed on Mondays, Sundays and National Holidays

プレスリリースPDFはこちら: 2022 Yasuko Iba solo exhibition release