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《Celadon・Lake 翠い湖》100×143.5×109 cm / Celadon Ceramic, Wood / 2024
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Silkscreen on Arche 88 56 X 76 cm / 2023
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Hideki Kimura, a leading contemporary printmaker and a painter who has been active in Japan and overseas since the 1970s, will present his first solo exhibition in four years at imura art gallery.

Since making a spectacular debut as a print artist, Kimura has produced a stream of works fusing paintings and prints, using mainly the silkscreen method and various surfaces such as paper, glass, and canvas. In the 1980s he created the ‘Water Bird Series’ expressing images of water birds through silkscreen printing. Now, some 40 years later, the artist has returned to this series with a new choice of medium: ceramics.

The exhibition will feature nine new creations, including two three-dimensional mixed media works that surround a celadon water bird with ripple-pattern tiles—‘Celadon・Lake’ and ‘Celadon・A Water Bird on the Pool’—and silkscreen prints using photographic images of celadon water birds. The ‘Celadon Water Birds and Ripple-pattern Tiles’ pieces, the central elements of this showing, were crafted through complex process in which Kimura created plastic water birds and rippled tiles using a 3D software and printer, manually shaped them, made plaster molds of them, and then made clay castings that he dried, bisque fired, and glaze fired. Be sure to savor these new works that embody Kimura’s affection for the Awata ware ceramics business that used to be run by his family.



 本展では、作品の中心に青磁の水鳥と波紋タイルを据えた、ミクストメディアによる立体作品《CeladonLake 翠い湖》 、《 CeladonA Water Bird on the Pool と、青磁の水鳥の写真画像を使用したシルクスクリーン版画作品など、新作9点を展覧いたします。今回の展示構成の主となる「青磁の水鳥と波紋タイル」は、成形に3Dソフトやプリンターを用い、また出力されたプラスチック製の水鳥/タイルを手作業で成形し、その後型取り、粘土を鋳込み、乾燥させ、素焼き、本焼きと、複雑な制作プロセスを経て、完成された作品です。かつて家業であった陶器屋、粟田焼への思いも寄せて制作された新作を、是非ご高覧ください。

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木村秀樹 個展 − 青磁 ・ 水鳥 −

2024年5月8日(水)~5月25日(土)*日月祝 休廊

More press release pdf: Hideki Kimura Solo Exhibition Press Release

木村秀樹 個展 − 青磁 ・ 水鳥 −

2024年5月8日(水)~5月25日(土)*日月祝 休廊

プレスリリースPDFはこちら: 木村秀樹個展 プレスリリース / Hideki Kimura Solo Exhibition Press Release