石井海音、高瀬栞菜、桃田有加里「BEING AND TIME」Powerlong Art Center(上海)

December 10,2022-February 5, 2023


■Venue:Powerlong Art Center, Shanghai
■Period:December 10,2022-February 5, 2023
■Artist:Amane Ishii, Kanna Takase, Yukari Momoda


■会場:Powerlong Art Center, Shanghai


Powerlong Art Center is pleased to announce the group exhibition “Being and Time” opening from December 10th to February 5th. Inspired by our observation of the growth and changes of a group of young artists over the past few years, this exhibition has invited 13 artists to present an array of ideas from different dimensions and address the eternal topics of “landscape” and “figure” in the history of painting. The exhibited artists come from Japan, Belgium, and Chinese Taiwan, and will present their works in four sections, which respectively are Cityscapes, Tension in Color Blocks, Lovely Peace, and Figurative Still Life.

We believe that the language of painting is an unbounded medium of the artists’ strong emotions and aesthetic profoundness. With inspiration and passion, what flows out from their brushes is not concrete objects but voices and traces of the hearts and metaphysical thoughts that take on an extraordinary spiritual strength. The expressive creations shape their world.

Art is our source of inspiration and hope.