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展示風景 Photo by Kai Maetani
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展示風景 Photo by Kai Maetani
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Imura art gallery is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition by Amane Ishii this autumn.

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1994, Amane Ishii received her MFA in painting from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2020. The same year, she received the Graduate School Mayor’s Award at the Kyoto City University of Arts Annual Exhibition and showed her work at Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2020 in the Shin Marunouchi Building in Tokyo. In 2021, Ishii has taken part in the Tokyo group exhibitions Approaches to Painting—reprise at √K Contemporary and the biscuit gallery Opening Exhibition II at biscuit gallery. She is one of the young artists who are attracting attention today.

The motifs in Ishii’s art are images that she has drawn since she was a young child and personal experiences of the artist that are extensions of her daily life. Her use of lines is appealing, as are her distinctive and deliberately kawaii characters.

While her compositions are two-dimensional, her use of pictures within pictures and lines adding extra layers to the canvas gives her paintings a three-dimensional or four-dimensional feel, as if they possess expansive multilayered space and overlapping temporal strata.

This exhibition is an opportunity to take a close look at Amane Ishii’s truly original paintings, presenting nine or so new works by the artist.

-Artist Statement

The gaze I cast upon the paintings passes through windows, bounces off mirrors, wanders around the pictures inside pictures, and sometimes gazes back at me. In Gaze Letter, along with portraying motifs with the potential to open up such a different world, I post a record of the passage of gazes between me and the paintings.

Amane Ishii

*In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, we would appreciate your cooperation for the following precautions.

・All visitors are asked to wear masks.
・Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms such as colds or fever.
・If the inside of the gallery is crowded, you may have to wait at the entrance.

 *For those who do not come because of distance.
 If you have any questions about works, please feel free to contact us.


石井海音は1994年大阪府生まれ、2020年京都市立芸術大学大学院美術研究科修士課程絵画専攻修了。同年、京都市立芸術大学作品展にて大学院市長賞を受賞、AATM アートアワードトーキョー丸の内2020にも出品(新丸ビル・東京)。2021年はグループ展「絵画の見かたreprise」(√K Contemporary・東京、2021年)、「biscuit gallery opening exhibition II」(biscuit gallery・東京、2021年)などに参加。現在、注目を集める作家です。








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Amane Ishii "Gaze Letter"

2021年 10月1日(金) ~ 10月22日(金) (日・月・祝休廊)

More press release pdf: View PDF

石井海音 個展「視線のたより」

2021年 10月1日(金) ~ 10月22日(金) (日・月・祝休廊)

プレスリリースPDFはこちら: 2021 Amane Ishii solo exhibition release