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《Pink Moon》Oil on canvas / 46.3×37.5cm / 2023
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《Après-midi》Oil on canvas / 62×52cm / 2023
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Imura Art Gallery is pleased to present Duo / Pink Sun, a solo exhibition by France-based Japanese artist Makiko Tanaka.

After graduating from Joshibi College of Art and Design, Tanaka moved to France in 2013 on an overseas study program organized by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, and since then she has worked mainly in France and Japan. In this exhibition, she will present new works—mainly oil paintings depicting two girls—based on the theme of "duo," which is reflected in the title of the exhibition.

The word “duo” derives from the Greek word δύο (dio), which means two. One plus one equals two, and a duo, comprising two things or two people, is the smallest relationship. “Pink sun” comes from the pink sunsets that Tanaka often witnesses in France, where she lives. This seems to be a phenomenon that is caused by a certain balance of humidity and light wavelengths, and Tanaka feels that in human relationships, a relationship between two people has the power to change the scenery around them according to their wavelengths and biorhythms. The artist explains that it’s only natural that being in the company of even one other person—whether it’s a friend, a lover, a stranger sharing a bench, a family member, or a passer-by—can change the scenery and humidity, and in this vein, she paints these sorts of natural wonders commingled with French skies.

While the two girls on this canvas are aware of each other, they each exist as individuals. But the two of them are portrayed as pulling close together in a shared world of their own. This exhibition presents Makiko Tanaka’s latest works, painted with rich colors reminiscent of modern French paintings.

 このたび、イムラアートギャラリーではフランス在住の作家、田中麻記子の個展「Duo / Pink Sun」を開催いたします。




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Makiko Tanaka solo exhibition "Duo / Pink Sun"

2023/5/20 (Sat.)~ 6/9 (Fri.)*Closed on Mondays, Sundays and National Holidays

More press release pdf: MakikoTanaka_PressRelease

田中麻記子「Duo / Pink Sun」

2023/5/20 (Sat.)~ 6/9 (Fri.)*Closed on Mondays, Sundays and National Holidays

プレスリリースPDFはこちら: 田中麻記子個展プレスリリース